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Mr. Clifford Edwin Fonner has recorded the following climbs

Peak Name Climb Date Notes
Mt. Dana2015-07-02Late start, ran up and down in between thunder storms
Mt. Morgan (South)2013-09-21Dayhike from Rock Creek Lake. Took the trail to Francis Lake, then followed bits and pieces of use trail up the northeast spur. Made an ascending traverse to the north ridge, then slogged up to the summit. Cold and windy day!
Mt. Whitney2012-08-19Dayhike from Whitney Portal, with Crooks and Keeler
University Peak2012-08-17Dayhike from Onion Valley via University Pass. The cross country up to the pass was surprisingly nice until the last 500 feet. From there it was an easy, sandy ascent to the summit, descending the alternate chute just north of the pass
UTM7220492012-08-15Dayhike from Glacier Lodge, then down to Kid Mountain--I believe this peak is locally known as Big Kid Mountain
Gendarme Peak2012-08-14Dayhike from South Lake. I mistakenly climbed the col between Aperture and Agassiz instead of Jigsaw Pass--got caught in a hailstorm at 13,000' after I tried to go over Aperture and had to hide under an overhanging rock for an hour. Once the storm passed, I descended from Aperture, went over and tagged Gendarme, and finally found Jigsaw Pass for a hasty retreat
“Ski Mountaineers Peak”2012-08-13Dayhike from South Lake
“Checkered Demon”2012-08-12Dayhike from North Lake via Piute Pass. We easily rambled to the pass in the morning and handled the cross-country over Humphreys Basin relatively efficiently. Then we climbed the headwall up to the northern summit, backtracking once when the ridge became blocked by unseen gendarmes. There were a couple nice, albeit exposed class 3 moves while ascending the west face. Rain started to fall just after we left from the summit, requiring a slow and careful descent...
Mt. Mills2012-08-11Dayhike from Mosquito Flat (complicated by our "California Alpine" start: 9am). It was an easy approach from Ruby Lake up Mills Creek, until we struck off to the base of the mountain. The east couloir was steep, loose, and not highly recommended. Bypassing the chute's chockstone from its crack on the left turned out to be the crux; however it still took a long time to ascend the chute, cautious not to smash each other with the thousands of precariously-perched projectiles. We nearly turned around due to the impending clouds, but were able to summit and start the descent before rainfall began. Cold and wet, we returned to the car right at nightfall.
Mt. Langley2011-08-20Dayhike via Old Army Pass
“Mt. Tom Ross”2011-08-17Dayhike from North Lake TH via Lamarck Col
Mt. Agassiz2010-08-12Dayhike from South Lake TH via Bishop Pass
Mt. Julius Caesar2010-08-11Dayhike from Pike Creek TH via Italy Pass
Mt. Ritter2009-09-19Dayhike from Agnew Meadows